Window films can create instant privacy

No one likes that feeling of been watched unless you’re a TV star or you might need to hide valuables from prying eye but the traditional ways by means of a blind or curtain often means you have to loose your view and a lot of  or all your natural light.

Hanging material at your windows during the day can all make properties look unwelcoming, untidy and run down and when burglars are casing an area they can often see a pattern when your at home (blind up) and when you’re out (blind down). The uniform appearance of a filmed property makes it look the same all the time as well a looking smarter adding kerb appeal and value.

This image is before window films were installed for privacy during the day.

This image is before window films were installed showing the customer looking though the vane of the vertical blinds as there means of creating privacy.

now with the medium silver the neighbours aren't being shocked every time the owner gets changed and forgets to close the curtains . A lighter winter heat retaining silver was installed on the ground floor windows for better winter heat retention.

Now with the medium silver the neighbours aren’t being shocked every time the owner gets changed and forgets to close the curtains . A lighter winter heat retaining silver was installed on the ground floor windows for better winter heat retention as well as privacy.










solargard silver 35 window film glass coating installed for privacy in this saxilby bungalow near to lincoln lounge and kitchen windows form privacy

Films fitted: This customer had just moved into this bungalow and wanted privacy films fitting because they had had films fitted at there last home and knew it was the 21st century way of getting privacy while making the property look smart.


This picture clearly shows how clearly you can see through a window fitted by coolglass glazing enhancements with solargard silver 35 window film at this bungalows long window in saxilby village

Films Fitted: this is the view out after window film is fitted. All the current neighbours are using vertical blinds for privacy but they won’t have a clear view out like window film customers or the protection from heat, winter heat loss and furniture damage which the film also offers.



There are two types of privacy film:

  • One Way (day light hours only)

  • Total privacy (day and night)

One Way Privacy

Examples: Conservatories, houses, office windows, security posts

A tinted privacy film will allow more natural light into a room than a material blind or curtain but gives uninterrupted views out whist stopping prying or unwelcome eyes the ability to see the interior of your building. The way the window film works is to create a light difference between the two sides of the glazing and make the glazing more reflective so the outside is reflected onto the window so you are unable to see past the reflections to see inside. However this only works during daylight hours when its brighter outside than in so if you will still need a traditional blind or curtain for night time privacy I’m afraid its physics and applies to privacy glass too not just a retro fitted film. Sometimes this can be cheated by the use of clever outside lighting to make the foreground just in front of the windows brighter than the internal lighting creating the reflections on the exterior surface of the windows.

The gold fish bowel effect of sitting in a conservatory forces people to install blinds at the windows for privacy but then it defeats the entire purpose of the room which is a connection to the outside whilst being sheltered from the elements. Using a window film means you can still see your garden without the feeling of being over looked.

A conservatory near Gainsborough in Lincolnshire being installed with solargard window films

Without window films fitted you are able to see right into the conservatory. This show the roof being fitted with films before moving onto the windows. This customer also wanted to reduce the over heating and fading caused by the sun as well as adding daytime privacy they were using blinds but they were removed in favour of film.

Gainsborough glass roofed conservatory fitted with solargard window film silver 20 and sterling 40

Now with film installed to the windows it is very difficult to be seen inside the space but you are able to view the flower filled garden.


Total Privacy

Examples: Toilet, changing room, warehouse, store room windows

If total privacy is required a frosted or opaque film is required but you do loose your view out as well but not necessarily the natural light. For example, a change of use say a dining room was to become a wet room for an elderly relative the clear glass can be frosted to create total privacy under all lighting conditions day or night whilst it still allowing maximum light in so a light isn’t required during the day and the existing window system can be utilised saving the cost of either a new window or glass and no patching up is required after new frames have been installed.

Internal door before any window film was fitted at this scunthorpe house

This customer like this door because it let light in but it was unavailable in frosted glass and they required privacy so a white frost window film was the answer

Scunthorpe house fitted with white sand blast looking frosted window films to give privacy

The white frost film gives a sand blast look which is timeless as pattern designs change over time and can look out dated. It has created the privacy required and still allows light to reach the hallway behind.



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