Window markings are used for decoration, advertising or regulation marking to avoid people mistaking a glazed area as an open space they are able to walk through.


Regulation Manifestation Markings on a fire door

Regulation Manifestation Markings on a fire door



These markings can be a series of repeating dots or squares or a solid line. You can even use a logo so long as you can make it obvious that glass is present and make reasonable efforts to ensure people don’t come to harm by accidentally walking in to the glazing. It only applies to commercial building but there is no reason by graphics can’t be used to avoid injuries at home.


Manifestation dots in office

Manifestation dots in office space

Two rows of markings are now required the lower row needs to be between 850mm – 1000mm from the floor and the second row between 1400mm – 1600mm. The second lower line was introduced to protect small or little people, children and wheel chair users.

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