Solar Reflective

Solar Control Blinds

Unlike normal blinds these made to measure solar control blinds reflect as well as absorb the suns energy by being made of a reflective material or having a reflective coating applied to the exterior facing surface. They are a lot more efficient in reducing solar heat gain than an ordinary blind. An ordinary material blind can only achieve small amounts of heat reduction by giving shade and has no reflective properties so is definitely NOT the right choice for an office or sun room where heat gain could cause issues with your work or relaxation time.  Our Solar blind range carry warranties of up to 5 years for your piece of mind but will offer many more years of service.

Solar control blinds are available in roller, vertical or panel to suit your needs or interior design.

Roller blind half closed on round window

This shows how effective this cobalt coloured roller solar blind is at glare reduction whilst still allowing a view through the blind


Types of solar blinds

Film – typically found on the bridges of ships, airport control towers and security posts. They can be roller or vertical and are used where a clear view out must always be maintained day and night. They give flexibility with additional heat and glare reduction for the day time but can be retracted for maximum night time vision. Films blinds are basically a” window film blind” getting the best features from both products the clear view out of a film but the ability to be retracted like a blind. This type of blind would only give day time privacy the same as a tinted window film so wouldn’t be the correct choice for bathrooms but has many uses around the home or office.
Foil – This blind material is made from metal based polyester which has a highly reflective silver exterior but comes in a range of colours and shades on the interior to cater for most tastes and uses. It offers high solar rejection and is semi transparent so does offer a view out. It can be chosen in pleated or flat and is available in roller and vertical. This blind is great for where maximum cooling from a blind is required but where night time privacy is not so it’s ideal to assist existing curtains on the hotter days but can retracted on the cloudy ones to allow maximum light to enter the room. 



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