Window Filmed House

This Grimsby home typical of many others within housing developments lacks privacy and facing South westerly gets a fair amount of sun.

Currently living behind blinds which is frankly depressing shutting out the daylight and not really addressing the heat efficiently after advice from CoolGlass the customer opted for the Solar Gard Sterling 40 solar control glass coatings fitted to all the windows at the front of the property.This has given enough daytime privacy to not need the blinds in front of the windows, reduced the heat by about 40%, reduced furniture damage caused by the sun by about a half and knocked out annoying summer glare in a quick application which only took half a day with no mess or disruption.

The product is covered by a 12 year written warranty can could last for a possible 25 years making this a very cost effective way of turning normal glazing into a high performance solar control glazing unit and also give the property uniformity and increased kerb appeal.