Choosing the right product whether it’s window films, window blinds or curtains is so important.

Are your windows a pane in the glass? Do you feel like you’re not getting the best out of your windows and they need turbo charging a bit?

CoolGlass are problem solving consultants using proven and innovative products to help you solve issues with your existing glazing or to simply dress your windows and give them a more modern look.

Problem Solving

Windows are important to let in light and fresh air but it can cause problems such as
  • over heating
  • winter heat loss
  • fading
  • lack of privacy,
  • annoying glare
  • safety and security issues.

Our objective for you is to reduce or eliminate some or all of the downsides of your glazing by retro fitting products such as window films or specialist blinds to your existing glazing. Saving your existing windows from landfill and extending the life of what you already have by giving it a welcome upgrade.

Moderising your look

If dressing your window is your desire we offer many decorative, coloured and patterned coatings as well as made to measure blinds and curtains with an ever increasing fabric choices to give you the look you want.

Servicing the East Midlands

With over a decade of experience solving customers issues in homes, conservatories, in businesses and within industry through out Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Humberside, Leicestershire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire you’re in good hands.

Conservatories & Orangeries

We specialise in dealing with unusable conservatories, we are always being asked “my conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter” and more recently “is my only option a new roof”?  The simple answer is no you don’t need a new roof to make your conservatory more usable. We have products that can realistically knock up to 15C from summer temperatures and reduce up to 50% of winter heat loss and you still get to keep the views and natural light but with an absence of that annoying glare and a big reduction in sun damage to furnishings and also some skin protection thrown in for good measure and all at a fraction of the cost of a new roof and even roof blinds. Call now to find out how you can reclaim your conservatory and be kind to the environment at the same time.

CoolGlass is an approved Solargard dealer which is part of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics


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